We’re Back Baby!

February 21, 2018

Comic publishers Adam Watson and Benjamin J. Kreger are back with a new episode, discussing their favorite topic Kickstarter! 


Rose City ComiCon 2017 - Creative Interviews

November 28, 2017

Our Hiatus is over! (more or less...)

In this episode Adam and I interviewed a plethora of amazing independent creators including Matt Nelson of the All-Ages webcomic Catbeard the Pirate, then on the other side of the spectrum, Jason Pott of Neo Trash Comix (Mature), our BFF Paul Johnson of BEAT the DEMON COMIX (Mature)! Interveiwing our awesome comic creator friends is always fun, but getting the chance to sit down with our final interviewie - the legend himself, Dave Gibbons (@davegibbons90) - may have just been the highlight of the year, if not my life!


Now and Then - Humble Beginnings & Present Projects

September 5, 2017

Ben & Adam continue thier discussion on the aftermath of a Kickstarter, but then diverge into their humble beginnings and lessons learned from those early days as creators.


Kickstarter Aftermath

August 29, 2017

Your hosts, comic publishers, Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics and Benjamin J. Kreger of Warrior Innkeeper Creative, chat about the aftermath of running a successful Kickstarter and the challenges which arise when pledges drop!


Episode 003.5 Quick Key Interview with Russell Nohelty

August 8, 2017

In this first Comic Collaborative Quick Key Interview, Benjamin J. Kreger asks the host of The Business of Art podcast, author of numerous books & comics, Wannabe Press Publisher Russell Nohelty about his recent success on Kickstarter in this short 10 minute interveiw.


Cons of Cons

August 2, 2017

Your Hosts, Adam Watson and Benjamin J. Kreger discuss their experience with comic conventions, the pros and cons of modern comic shows, and freely spout opinions on the shows they've either vended or attended. 


Kickstarter Spotlight - #FundBSD2

July 19, 2017

The guys take a break from format to discuss Ben's latest crowdfunding project for The Black Suit of Death #2! Better know as #FundBSD2


UPDATE: FundBSD2 hit goal and is now in production! But that's no reason not to give this a listen ;)



July 11, 2017

What is the Comic Collaborative?

After being guests on numerous podcasts over the years, indie comic publishers, Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics and Benjamin J. Kreger of Warrior Innkeeper Creative, decided to come together to share their combined experience in the independent comic industry. In this first episode, Adam and Ben introduce themselves to the podcast listening audiences, especially those interested in the collaborative art of the comics medium.